Official Lemmy: The Movie Trailer Released

Lemmy: The MovieA trailer for Lemmy: The Movie has been released as plans for the official movie release are still being worked out. The documentary, which follows the story and life of Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, was premiered earlier this year at the South by Southwest Festival, and has only had a handful of screenings since.

The film is directed and produced by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, who followed Lemmy for three years to compile this window into the rock legend’s world. The two moviemakers explain that Lemmy is a man full of surprises, saying, “If you think you have Lemmy all figured out, trust me. You don’t!”

“I was surprised that he yelled at me for being drunk,” Olliver said. “We were in Las Vegas and came back to the hotel casino after a long night of drinking and found Lemmy working one of the slot machines. I said ‘Hey Lem.’ And he said, ‘Ahh, get away from me. You guys are drunk.’ I belly laughed all the way back to my room, because I got yelled at by Lemmy for drinking!”

For more details and updates on the film, visit the Lemmy: The Movie website.

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