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The Who to Release Previously Unheard Material

John EntwistleA new edition of The Who’s Live at Leeds album will include an unreleased performance from Hull City Hall in February 1970. As it turns out, the Hull concert was set to be the band’s actual release, with the now legendary concert at Leeds University acting as a backup live recording. Unfortunately, John Entwistle’s bass track was missing from the first four songs of the Hull gig, so the group chose to release the Leeds concert.

Thanks to technology, Entwistle’s bass lines were transferred to the Hull tapes from the Leeds concert, so the whole previously unreleased performance will be packaged as part of the new Super-Deluxe 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Live at Leeds. It will also feature two CD’s worth of the original Leeds gig and the quartet’s performance of “Tommy.”

Singer Roger Daltrey recalls the Hull performance as the better of the two nights. “Hull was a better gig than Leeds,” he said. “I remember it like it was yesterday, although in retrospect ‘Live at Hull’ doesn’t really trip off the tongue!”

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