Top 10: The Best Bass Videos (September 2010)

We’re introducing a new Top Ten series this week, showcasing the most popular features from selected categories on No Treble.

This week, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 most popular bass videos from September, 2010.

1. 13 Year Old Bassist Performs “Rei Arthur”

This one has “video of the year” written all over it. A 13 year old bassist from Brazil showing talent beyond his years.

2. John Entwistle: “Summertime Blues” Live Isolated Bass

From Live at Leads by The Who comes John Entwistle’s isolated bass track on “Summertime Blues”.

3. Will Lee & Steve Gadd Jam Session

Bass and drums is all you need. This video proves it.

4. Legends: Marcus Miller Solo

Filmed in 1997, here’s a great live solo by Marcus Miller, with Steve Gadd.

5. Primus: Tommy The Cat on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Les Claypool and company, doing their thing, in the way only they can.

6. Flashback: Metallica Bass Auditions with Robert Trujillo

“We’d like to offer you… a million dollars to join our band.”

7. Stanley Clarke: Hot Fun

Stanley Clarke. Live. 1977. Enough said.

8. Voodoo Power: Hendrix/Miller Solo Bass Mashup

What do you get when you mix Jimi Hendrix and Marcus Miller? An awesome solo bass performance by Viaceslav Svedov.

9. Victor Wooten & Steve Smith: Double Espresso

Double the videos, Double Espresso with Mr. Victor Wooten.

10. Jaco Pastorius: Three Views Of A Secret

Never gets old, never will: Jaco and Toots.

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  1. Murrtallica

    No Jason Newsted? But Les Should be further up.

    • @Murrtallica – we didn’t pick the list, we just based it on how many times each video was played last month… all based on No Treble readers.