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Innerviews: Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten and 22 Others Share Insights on Life as Musician

Innerviews: Music Without BordersJournalist Anil Prasad has a new book out, featuring contributions from 24 musicians from jazz, rock, world music, hip-hop and electronica.

Innerviews: Music Without Borders features essays by each musician, who share their thoughts on the creative process, their careers and goals, conflicts, collaborations and the realities of the music business today.

Musicians include Stanley Clarke, Jonas Hellborg, Victor Wooten, Bill Laswell, Eberhard Weber, Jon Anderson, Bjork, Martin Carthy, Chuck D, Ani DiFranco, Bela Fleck, Michael Hedges, Zakir Hussain, Leo Kottke, John McLaughlin, Noa, David Sylvian, Tangerine Dream, David Torn, Ralph Towner, McCoy Tyner, Chris Whitley and Joe Zawinul. The book’s foreward was written by Wooten.

A few of the insights revealed in the book include Stanley Clarke’s story on saying no to Miles Davis, Bill Laswell on the drama of producing difficult artists, McCoy Tyner on the deification of John Coltrane and Joe Zawinul on inventing the original hip-hop beat.

Prasad, who started the website in 1994, has published interviews from more than 175 musicians to date.

“Anil Prasad is like a great musician,” says Victor Wooten. “The way he expresses himself through his own art — his writing — causes readers to feel inspired, as if we’ve learned about ourselves, as well as the subject of the interview.”

In addition to his work with Innerviews, Prasad is a contributing editor for Guitar Player magazine and a writer for Bass Player magazine.

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