Alain Caron Solo with Uzeb

Alain Caron is making it look easy in this live solo clip from a Uzeb concert performance. Uzeb was a Canadian band, active from 1976 until 1992.

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  1. Clifton

    Wow, now that was Impressive!!!

  2. lorne dosogne

    Living in Montreal, I was fortunate to be able to see these guys often, in those great little smokey bars. Believe me, Alain is as humble & down-to earth as he is talented – a fine musician & person.

  3. Z

    What kind of bass is that it can’t be that he is that good the bass must have been playing by itself

  4. gigi

    simply..Alain is the best!!!

  5. Neil

    @Z Alain has been a long time user of the “F Bass” brand…

    this is one of Alain’s F Basses

  6. David Thome

    Caught them on their World Tour 90 in a small club in Calgary. Was a killer show. I wish I could find some of those Transparence Bass Cabinets he was using at that time.

  7. I saw Uzeb several times in Vancouver, including in a smoky bar. Those guys were in thick with Roland for quite a while. Alain had at least one F Bass set up with Roland synth pickups. I never saw them as a 3 piece but as a 4 and I think a 5 piece. Alain was always amazing as a player, on many different levels. He can slap and pop with the best of them but then watch his unbelievably good 6 string fretless playing and his thoroughly musical technical chops. Add in a solid dash of high tech such as the V Bass synth from his 5 album on “Ocean of Trees” and you have one of the most well rounded bassists on the planet. Unfortunately I never got to meet him but he has always struck me as a down to earth dude.