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Mosh Potatoes: The Heaviest Cookbook Ever

Mosh PotatoesA new cookbook entitled Mosh Potatoes features 150 recipes from the kings of heavy metal, including Zakk Wylde, Guns & Roses, Lamb of God, Moth Eater, Shadows Fall, Anthrax, Testament, Overkill, Pantera and more.

Penned by Steve “Buckshot” Seabury, the 272-page book also includes photos and anecdotes from the musicians.

Dave EllefsonOur favorite bassist recipes include Lemmy’s Krakatoa Surprise, Rex Brown’s Rejas from Tejas BBQ from Hell, and of course, Dave Ellefson’s Star Cookies.

“Keep a copy of Mosh Potatoes in your kitchen to make sure your culinary desires are well tended to,” the Megadeth bassist says.

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