14 Year Old Abigail Hartman Performs Cliff Burton’s Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)

Abigail Hartman is a 14 year old bassist (and drummer) from California, who surprised us with her tribute performance of Cliff Burton’s “Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)”.

Abigail performs the legendary lead bass line on her Daisy Rock Candy White Lightning four string.

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  1. Invisible Kid

    (O_O) woooow… pure awesomeness right there ..

    \m/~_~\m/ .. R.I.P. Cliff!!!

  2. Lostsoul

    Cliff would be very proud

  3. Alan Knight

    Well done, young lady!

  4. Ryan

    o.0 She doesn’t look very into it. :s

  5. Burntoast

    Blew my mind, and then reassembled the remnants and blew it again

  6. Bongo

    Great Job! I can’t even manage most of this :D

  7. Tbone

    Ok good, except next time do it with feeling.

  8. Kevin

    I still can’t play this on bass. Not because I don’t have the skill but because to do this and play it with freedom and soul is very difficult. So I admire her for just being able to play it. But next time, you need some soul sista!

  9. Jim owens

    Go back to your bedrooms and whine… Yea you above posters know who you are. “do it with more feeling” …you bunch pansies ain’t done better so hush. This young lady rawks and you don’t!

  10. SB

    Its good and she’s been improving. I think she would do well to not let ego and a know it all attitude get in her way. I’m saying this because I’ve tried to help her in the past and I’ve witnessed other experienced bass players try to help her and she responds very negatively. Not a very good attitude on this one. She’s young. If she gets her ego and attitude in check, she could go far. Remember Abigail, most of the bassists who keep getting calls have good, humble,friendly,open personalities to compliment the bass skills. Talent alone is not enough.

    • John G

      Hi SB – maybe she just does not agree with your way of doing things? Since there is no absolutely correct way I would say if it works for her, and it apparently does, then it works for her. Maybe she has no desire to learn what you feel you need to show her – I don’t know I am just saying you sound a little pissed off because she did not listen to you…and she is good anyway!

  11. Julie

    Honestly this sounds like guitar wanking to me more than anything else. It’s in large part due to the distorted sound. As I’ve never heard the original, I can’t say how true to form it is, but I find this “song” uninteresting.

    Can’t really comment on her musicianship except to wonder if she’d be better off with a guitar and not a bass.

    • John G

      WOW Julie – you really sound like a limited player with even more limited exposure to various types of music…sometimes ignorance is bliss but not this time :(

  12. Andrew

    Very impressive for a 14 yr old. Her dad should get her a metronome quick.

  13. Norb

    Yeah, yeah, no passion and feeling displayed, true. But come on, she’s only 14 yet. She definitely has the skills and wait till she’s 19, I’m sure you’ll see fire and passion.

  14. Jason

    She’s young and nervous but how many of us could even dream of being htis close to playing the tune at the ripe age of fourteen. All you folks would have swapped your souls for the chance so give her some credit. The only thing she needs to do is breathe….and work on using that pinky.

  15. Viktor Krass

    She sure has me beat.

  16. I did love the performance and also the special guest, of course the cat!

  17. Cliff Burton…is my hero…lol..This was one of the first songs I learned to play, when I first picked up my instrument of choice…one year younger than this little girl….many years ago…1983…….Abby, Cliff would be proud!

  18. I love that the cat hangs around till 2:50 and jams then. Probably to tell his friend of her killer riffs!