Gruv Gear FretWraps and V-Cart Solo Lite

The guys from Gruv Gear were showing off a few new products at their NAMM booth this year, including the new FretWraps and V-Cart Solo Lite.

Gruv Gear FretWrapsDesigned with bass in mind, the Gruv Gear FretWraps are a string-muting accessory made to replace the hair ties that most bassists keep above the nut. Available in three sizes, FretWraps fit around up to 7-string basses via an adjustable strap that also allows you to change the amount of pressure on the strings. It helps cut overtones and sympathetic resonance during tapping and slapping to clean up your lines.

Here’s a video of Norm Stockton demo-ing the FretWrap at their NAMM booth:

Gruv Gear FretWraps and V-Cart Solo LiteThe Solo Lite is a revamped version of their flagship V-Cart Solo, featuring a lighter and smaller frame than the original. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the cart has 2 positions; the first utilizing two wheels like a dolly and the other being a platform using all four wheels. The compact carrier can support up to 250 pounds, and folds up for storage. Though the Lite model is smaller in stature, Jay from Gruv Gear assured us it has the same rugged, multi-terrain wheels as its big brother.

FretWraps come in packs of three for $22, while the price of the V-Cart Solo-Lite is forthcoming. For more, check out Gruv Gear’s website.

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  1. got cloth and hook & loop tape for £2 and made one of these in 5 minutes and have enough to make 7 more left over so all my basses will b sorted for fret wraps.