Gruv Gear Announces Bubby Lewis Signature “Otaku” FretWraps

Gruv Gear Bubby Lewis Signature Otaku Fretwraps

Gruv Gear’s FretWraps have a new option with the Bubby Lewis Signature “Otaku” model. The padded string dampeners reflect the bassist’s personality with a color-shifting iridescent chrome fabric finished with a red label embroidered with the word Otaku. The word is a Japanese term for people with a strong passion for an interest.

“Being gifted with my very own signature Otaku FretWrap that totally represents who I am as a person? It’s like a dream come true for me! And the best part is that it’s not just for me…. it’s for all the Otakus out there!”

FretWraps are used to dampen strings so players can get a cleaner and more consistent sound by suppressing sympathetic resonance, overtones, and string noise. The Bubby Lewis Signature “Otaku” FretWraps come in four sizes to accommodate different instruments.

They are available now for $14.99.

Gruv Gear Bubby Lewis Signature “Otaku” Fretwrap Sizes:

SMFits 4-string basses, 6-string electric and acoustic guitars, and ukuleles
MDFits 5-string basses, 7-string electric guitars & 6-string classical guitars
LGFits 6-string basses & 8-string electric guitars
XLFits 7- to 12-string basses, Chapman Sticks, double basses & other extended range guitars

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