Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers: Tal Wilkenfeld Bass Cover by 13 Year Old Bassist

A bassist who goes by the screen name BassGirl5809 started playing bass after hearing Tal Wilkenfeld. The 13 year old has only played for about a year, and is already tackling some tough transcriptions.

For this video, BassGirl5809 shares, “I transcribed Tal Wilkenfeld’s entire bass part on Jeff Beck’s ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers’, from the album Performing This Week.. Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott’s. Tal’s solo on this is literally the reason why I decided to start playing the bass!”

Keep it up, BassGirl, and thanks to Annie who sent the video our way.

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  1. Miguel

    Wow! Only 13 and quite skilled, cute too.

    • denny ray pelletier

      Great stuff….Keep it up, you’ve got the goods ! it’s in the blood , it’s a gift…..use it!

  2. Tim

    Holy cow, she got some mad skills for someone who picked up the bass only a year ago! And that at the age of 13…

  3. Sounds good, she evem kind of moves the same as Tal :00)

    Craig in Tokyo

  4. j wil

    Best thing about it, she’s having fun.

  5. Art

    I just love the way her face lights up as soon as the music starts. She’s hooked, her life will never be the same, and that’s a good thing.

  6. MMendes

    With that kind of skill at that age, she should learn to play lead guitar and make herself a living. Bass players are rarely front men. (Uh…….persons.) Make sure you check out the bassist for Dream Theater – intense – as good as they come.

    • Miles

      With that kind of skill, she should keep on playing as much bass as she can. A good bass player will never be out a job where guitar players are a dime a dozen.

    • Actually..she should play whatever makes her the most fully alive! THAT’S WHAT MUSIC SHOULD BE ABOUT! Save your “commercial success” comments for American Idol…she’s 13… let her chase her dreams a bit before you go giving unrequested advice from your vast well of musical moneymaking chestnuts! :-)

  7. Too young to know how tough that solo is…

  8. Jacob

    She’s got “it.” You can see it in her face. With some shaping and structure over time, she will be a monster player. Good for you, girl.

  9. Mina Burnside

    Great job!!! This sounds amazing!

  10. Jay

    I quit………………….!

  11. Stunning! Brilliant! I absolutely love it, hon! You are so talented and right on the money musically, I know your parents are so proud! I would be! Thank you so very much for sharing your bass talent. Good luck in all that you do in your lifetime!

  12. Clifton

    Outstanding!! She played it with “Feeling!”

  13. Bill

    Excellent! Keep it up!

  14. Sonny

    Amazing young talent! Wicked good skills.

  15. Ampy

    the world needs more bassists… i only wish i could’ve discovered jazz and bass at an early age like you.. keep it up girl.!

  16. wow, keep it up, great work! you’ve got a great talent. keep all your goals in focus as you start your career. steer clear of the bad stuff and keep your head on straight. use your gift. share your music.

  17. Robbie

    Your on your way… Try a fretless bass out sometime… you have good diction and chops…

  18. Michael

    yeah you got it, the coolness…..stick in your head and dig it..right on..the coolness is in your vertabrae,

  19. Oh I quit!!!! The solo was Da Bomb!!! Keep it up.

  20. Erik

    ok. i am done…..
    for sale fender jazz bass 1971 all original. original case, factorylabel.
    make a good offer

  21. Sean Lacefield

    ok, so the snarl on here face @ 1:40 says it all…. The girl can play and she feels it! She’s making Bass faces @ 13! That is what its all about feel it, love it and be it. She will be one to watch for in the near future. you don’t play well for a girl, you just play well…. Never let go of the dream.

  22. Me encanta el Jazz Bass Fender para empezar creo que es el mejor bajo que hay, yo tuve el primero en 1961 ahí hay fotos de Los Twisters con el bajo; Que canción tan especial de Jeff Beck Ended Love para solos de bajo muy original y muy bien Felicidades.

  23. This is awesome! More girls need to get into playing bass!

  24. Just some great bass playing here girl. Looks like the the bass is in good hands with you and your bright future. Keep up the GREAT playing you will go far.

  25. Well, I was in a grumpy old man “these kids today” kind of mood, but, that just knocked me out of it. Awesome! Keep up the great work!

  26. Talented…she plays as if she’s been doing her thing for 10 years.

  27. fantastic! must have a very old soul.

  28. Excellent! Bassgirl, now don’t stop! Some licks were even mre consistant than Tal!

  29. She’s good but she’s not Tal. Guitar tuning is out. But she can be as good as Tal someday. Keep it up girl.

  30. wow.. ive heard that solo before! Very bad ass of you!

  31. Wow! Much talent! Watch out Tal, she’s not far behind!

  32. I am sitting here blown away you are amazing kiddo don’t stop.