Victor Wooten Releases “A Show Of Hands 15”

Victor Wooten: A Show Of Hands 15Victor Wooten has released A Show of Hands 15, a re-mastered version of his groundbreaking debut solo effort. In addition to 16 original tracks, the 15th anniversary record also includes three bonus songs: two with longtime drummer JD Blair and one unedited tune entitled “Live Solo #2.”

The package is available in several varieties, including signed copies and vinyl LP’s, on his website.

This is the first release from Victor’s new label, VIX Records. Wooten started the label to retain creative control and to help others keep theirs.

“Following my successful approach of creating Music that focuses on filling my soul rather than my pockets, I’ve found that this is the best recipe for doing both,” the bassist explained.

A Show Of Hands 15 Track List:

  1. “Yo Victa”
  2. U Can’t Hold No Groove…
  3. More Love
  4. Lotta Stuffis?
  5. The Vision
  6. Overjoyed
  7. Live For Peace
  8. A Show of Hands
  9. Not Like The Other
  10. Justice
  11. Medley
  12. Radio W-OO-10
  13. Classical Thump
  14. Keep Chargin’
  15. Me & My Bass Guitar
  16. Words of Wisdom
  17. U Can’t Hold No Groove (Enhanced Version)
  18. Flip Flop
  19. Live Solo #2

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