Michael Manring: “Born to Be Wild” Solo Bass Performance

Filmed live at ?the Canadian Guitar Festival in Ontario last July, Michael Manring took the stage with his headless Zon bass and some slow blues.

He eventually works up to a faster pace, leading him in to a rockin’ all-bass version of “Born to Be Wild”.

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  1. rix

    Why not just go out and get a strat and be done with it…What ever happened to the bass player?

    • JB

      This guy wouldn’t be able to play any of that stuff if he never learned the basics. Its a solo piece man. If you want steady low end, search for “Duck Dunn” on youtube.

    • Matt

      Dang for anything like this poeple always say “why do they not just go out and get a guitar”. for 1 guitar is guitar and bass is bass some people perfer to play the bass even if it is for a part meant to be played by guitar.

      • Matt

        and I personally feel like I can do more with a bass than a guitar.

    • Ria

      “Go out and get a strat and be done with it”!? What the hell?! You think you can do that on a guitar? Michael Manring is a complete master of bass. If you’ve not seen him play before you should get on youtube and check out his ‘Morning Star’.

  2. there are no rules in art, and Michael is just playing, and playing creatively great.