The Strandberg Project Releases “The Works” Box Set

The Strandberg Project: The Works

Jan-Olof Strandberg started The Strandberg Project in 1995 and has used the group as a vehicle to push musical boundaries and cross cultural borders. The bassist has a compilation of his work with his band from 2003 to 2022 with a new four-CD box set called The Works. Featuring rarities and remixes, the collection is a great example of the project’s goal.

“The idea with The Strandberg Project is to create new interesting music with artists and musicians from different cultures and different musical backgrounds and together create something ‘new,’” Strandberg states in the liner notes. “This has worked out really well, and some of the results can be heard on this four CD released called ‘The Works.’ I hope you will like it!”

The first CD of the set is Creativity, which is all new music that was recorded live and in the studio throughout 2022. It’s followed by The Nordic Treatment, featuring bass legend Paul Jackson performing with the band. Jackson was a regular guest with the band, traveling from his home in Japan to Finland four times to record and tour with them. “It was a great experience for all of us and Paul’s Funky music did mix really well with our ‘progressive’ Nordic approach,” Strandberg writes.

Check out the previously unreleased track “It Is What It Is”:

Next up is Made in Finland Update, which features another bass great. The CD is taken from tours and recordings with Michael Manring, Kimmo Pörsti, and Jenny Darren. Jan “Jysky” Strandberg also delivers slap bass on the track “Two Sisters.” The fourth CD is the project’s 2018 record, Progressive Construction.

Alongside his guests, Strandberg lays down heavy grooves on an arsenal of basses: four-string, five-string, six-string, fretless, and upright. Get a taste of the scope of The Works:

The Works is available now through Seacrest Oy.

The Works Track List:

CD 1: The Works 1, ”The Nordic Treatment”

  1. Tip Toe
  2. Pain
  3. Everything You Got
  4. Symphonic Shuffle
  5. Midnight Seeks A Lonely Heart
  6. The Groove
  7. Undercover
  8. It Is What It Is (Thank You Paul)

CD 2: The Works 2, Made in Finland Update

  1. Crossover
  2. Yes, This Is It
  3. Two Sisters
  4. It’s A Journey
  5. Past and Present
  6. The Magician’s Departure
  7. Yellow
  8. Grand Canyon Of My Dreams
  9. Hahmo
  10. Behind The Curtains

CD 3: The Works 3, Progressive Construction

  1. The Searcher’s Prelude
  2. The Searcher
  3. Under Construction
  4. Freedom and Honor
  5. Wizard Samba
  6. Busy Weekend
  7. Lets Get Started
  8. Freedom and Honor Part II
  9. Chilin
  10. Let’s Get Started Live
  11. Love Trusts
  12. The Searcher’s Departure

CD 4: The Works 4, Creativity

  1. Daughters
  2. Dominique (live)
  3. Anni (live)
  4. The Searcher’s Prelude (live)
  5. The Searcher/Good News Medley (live)
  6. Rollercoaster
  7. Awakening
  8. Going Home

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