Bob Babbitt: “What’s Goin’ On” Live (NAMM ’08)

Bob Babbitt took the stage at the 2008 NAMM show with Malford Miligan on vocals, GE Smith on guitar and Curt Bisquera on drums to perform “What’s Goin’ On”.

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  1. aflash4

    Sorry, but he doesn’t hold a candle to James… Seriously, I’m not sure why you posted this?

  2. Saw him play with the Funk Bros. live about three times, thanks.

  3. not listening to bob is saying, don’t listen to mercy, mercy me, and that’s not going to happen.James loved bob Babbitt &we do too.

  4. RIP……… He will be truly missed. One of the Greats. George Grexa

  5. I was at this show… was pure magic and to see Bob play was a dream for me.Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration.Your music will live forever!

  6. RIP Bob Babbitt – one of the giants of the bass guitar. This is proving to be a terrible week for music…

  7. aflash4 = no respect.

  8. Sail on Mr Babbitt…….You’ll be deeply missed.
    Thanks for the music and the memories.

  9. Now that’s bass play’in! If James Jamerson had an equal, his name would be Bob Babbit. Thanks for your contribution to the world of music.

  10. @ aflash4.. what a punk ass comment on Mr Babbitt! Show some “RESPECT” to the man that has been their, done that, and most probably before your ass took its first shit! I’d bitch slap you back to where you came from boy!

  11. aflash4’s comment highlights all that’s wrong with the internet. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.