Jazz For Japan Benefit Album Features Top Name Bassists

Jazz for JapanA new album, entitled Jazz for Japan, has been released on iTunes, with proceeds going to the International Red Cross in Japan in an effort to benefit Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims.

The project, which was recorded in merely two days last week, features a who’s who of the jazz community, especially jazz bassists. Low-end contributors include Marcus Miller, Christian McBride, Alphonso Johnson, Nathan East, Rickey Minor, Chuck Berghofer and Del Atkins.

“This project came about after discussing the tragic aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with my co-workers,” says producer Larry Robinson. “I told them that many of the American Jazz musicians tour Japan numerous times a year. It was at that moment the seeds of Jazz For Japan were born. Within 5 days we called all our Jazz friends and put together this truly amazing line up of musicians to record at Hollywood’s famous Capitol Recording Studio who all donated their time.”

A DVD release of the music along with interviews with the musicians is also currently in the works. Tonight Show bassist and band leader Rickey Minor, whose band covers Wayne Shorter’s Footprints, states, “I’m truly happy to be a part of this wonderful project in support of the relief efforts in Japan.”

Jazz For Japan Track List/Line-Up:

  1. Maiden Voyage
    Billy Childs (piano), Nathan East (bass), Tom Scott (sax), Steve Gadd (drums), Everette Harp (tenor)
  2. Sugar
    Ndugu Chancler (drums), Del Atkins (bass), Clarence McDonald (piano), David T. Walker (guitar), Everette Harp (sax)
  3. So What
    Billy Childs (piano), Nathan East (bass), Tom Scott (alto sax), Steve Gadd (drums), Everette Harp (tenor sax)
  4. Sophisticated Lady
    Billy Childs (piano), Christian McBride (bass)
  5. Footprints
    Ricky Minor & The Tonight Show Band, Marcus Miller (bass clarinet)
  6. Work Song
    Billy Childs (piano), George Duke (elec. piano), Nathan East (bass), Tom Scott (sax), Steve Gadd (drums)
  7. It’s A Wonderful World
  8. Ndugu Chancler (drums), Marcus Miller (bass), Clarence McDonald (piano), David T. Walker (guitar)
  9. Mr. PC
    Deron Johnson (piano), Larry Goldings (Hammond B3), Peter Erskine (drums), Chuck Berghofer (bass)
  10. Body & Soul
    Herman Jackson (piano), Marcus Miller (bass)
  11. Cold Duck Time
    Keiko Matsui (piano), Boney James (sax), Tom Brechtlein (drums), David Paich (elec. piano), Ricky Minor (bass)
  12. Watermelon Man
    Ndugu Chancler (drums), Marcus Miller (bass), Clarence McDonald (piano), David T. Walker (guitar), Everette Harp (sax)
  13. Invitation
    Billy Childs (piano), Peter Erskine (drums), Christian McBride (bass)
  14. Cantaloupe Island
    Alex Acuña (drums & percussion), Alphonso Johnson (bass), Clarence McDonald (elec. piano), Herman Jackson (piano)

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  1. andreu

    Thanks for that music and support to Japan .

  2. Avelino Cortes junior

    It’s always a pleasure to listen to Steve Gadd playing Jazz…..Awesome!
    Japan thanks all the musicians involved in this project.
    This is a great Jazz album and highly recommended…..it’s also for a worthy cause.

  3. Karabo Marite

    Where in South Africa can I buy the Jazz for Japan CD?

    Thanks for your cooperation.