Level 42 Releases 30th Anniversary Tour DVD

Level 42 30th Anniversary Tour DVDLevel 42, led by bassist/vocalist Mark King, has released a new DVD from their 30th Anniversary Tour last year. The performance is taken from their October 22, 2010 gig at the Indigo2 in London and features the full 2010 set with songs ranging their history.

The band officially formed in 1980 but had a 7-year split starting in 1994.

King, who is noted for his slap style, has been the only consistent member through the bands existence.

The DVD is available from the band website for $25 plus shipping.

Level 42 30th Anniversary Tour DVD Set List:

  • Hot Water
  • Dream Crazy
  • World Machine
  • To Be With You Again
  • Running in the Family
  • Kansas City Milkman
  • It’s Over
  • Almost There
  • Starchild
  • 43
  • The Sun Goes Down
  • Something About You
  • Lessons in Love
  • Heaven in my Hands
  • The Chinese Way

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    Mark and the boys never cease to amaze!