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Bass Videos

Level 42: 43

Level 42 celebrated their 30th anniversary back in 2010 with a world tour. In this clip from London’s Indigo2, slap monster Mark King leads the group on “43” with an active bass line before switching to fingers for the middle section.

Bass Videos

Level 42: “Something About You” – Live (2016)

Level 42’s Mark King is a master of slap bass. His complex rhythmic and melodic bass lines are tough enough to tackle alone, but he manages to sing at the same time. The folks at Java Jazz Festival just shared this performance of “Something About You,” which took place in 2016. The band is in top form, and King’s performance...

New Albums

Level 42 Compilation Set Released

A new compilation album from English band Level 42, fronted by Mark King, known for his slap-and-pop bass playing style, is available. Collected features all the band’s singles, including 1980s hits like “Lessons in Love” and “Something About You,” as well as 11 12-inch remixes. Collected is available in the U.S. as an set. Collected Track List: Disc 1: Sandstorm...

New Albums

Level 42 Releases “Sirens” EP

Level 42 is giving a nod to their past with a new EP entitled Sirens. The six-song album, mixed and produced by John Morales, is firmly rooted in the retro dance format. “Back in 1980 and 1981 when we started out, we were very much a club band,” bassist Mark King told the audience at a recent gig at Indigo2....

New Albums

Level 42 Releases 30th Anniversary Tour DVD

Level 42, led by bassist/vocalist Mark King, has released a new DVD from their 30th Anniversary Tour last year. The performance is taken from their October 22, 2010 gig at the Indigo2 in London and features the full 2010 set with songs ranging their history. The band officially formed in 1980 but had a 7-year split starting in 1994. King,...

Concerts & Tours

Level 42 Announces International Tour; U.S. Dates Included

Level 42 bassist Mark King announced a summer 2010 tour for the band, which stretches the globe. Most exciting is the return to the U.S., which will be the group’s first visit in a little over two decades. King notes that the dates are confirmed early, so “there’s no excuses for you not to be there…” The band is celebrating...