Question of the Week: Did you attend a music school?

Did you attend a music school?

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  1. Got my degree in Music at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music. And one year later I am still unemployed and poor, but lovin’ the music I’m playin’.

  2. Yes I attend a school music in fact, 2 but I have not a degree, I studied, clasical guitar, and organ, now I play other instruments like the electric guitar but this was studied with a teacher, and other instruments like the mandollyne, flute, and some percutiorns I studied buy my self.

  3. Yes!

    At 42 I decide to start playing bass and go to a music School


  4. Steve Rosati

    Yes,I have my BA in jazz bass.

  5. No, but I sometimes wish I had. Definitely not instead of, but rather to supplement my street training. In the kind of work I’ve seen (ie. not orchestral), players with who know how to groove and have experience always trump the recent Berkelee grad. Not to diss music school, but I feel it should be used as a tool and supplement to other ways of learning music (passion, expression, feeling, failing etc.). Stevie can’t read music, but he sure knows it.

  6. Claudio

    My formal training in low end music was junior high, where I was a bass-viol player for three years.

    • i also picked up the bass in jr. high. before that i played clarinet and took lessons but stuck with playing in school band and no formal training. i someimtes think about going back to school for general music theory. there are so many instruments i’d like to learn how to play.

  7. Private lessons from Peter Pupping in Encinitas, CA USA

  8. I went to a music school and attended a Jazz Ensemble when I was 14 for 6 years. Then 3 years at a College of Music in Argentina, and then 3 years more at Berklee College in Boston where my major was Jazz Composition. I have lately been trying to unlearn all those academic concepts and learn it all over by ear – definitely the best School!!

  9. Tom Lorenzo

    I attended Musicians Institute Hollywood CA from 1988 to 1989. I would have to say besides being an excellent program and having one of the best times as a Bass player,Tim Bogert was one of my teachers.

  10. Mr. Eko

    I attend Minnesota State University Moorhead for Audio Production