Victor Wooten Band: Hali Baba Live

Victor Wooten took the stage with during Summer Camp 10 with his band and performed “Hali Baba”. As Vic says in the intro, he wrote this tune for his wife, though they haven’t recorded it yet.

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  1. Musicman

    Thank you to whomever brought the huge flag pole to that concert.

  2. I don’t know who to blame the person with the 10 foot flag pole or the camera man… either way his name is Victor and he thumps…

  3. I’m an American with all my heart, but the one time I could have dealt without seeing the flag is in this video.

  4. anai

    enculé avec son drapeau

  5. Dave

    Oh man I don’t get how Victor can change all these rhymes…. :D

  6. I’ve heard alot about bassist like Haden, Mingus, Chambers etc. I’ve never heard anyone speak about Mr Pettiford!