The Fab Faux: Abbey Road Medley

The Fab Faux is one of if not the best Beatles tribute bands. Consisting of bassist Will Lee and Jimmy Vivino, Rich Pagano, Frank Agnello and Jack Petruzzelli.

This is part of an in-studio medley of the Fab Four’s Abbey Road, featuring the songs “Sun King” through “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.”

Gotta love Lee’s red psychedelic Rickenbacker, not to mention the tone.

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  1. tom

    Very nice….

  2. Knepp

    I like how that douche keyboard player couldn’t reach for his own tambourine (obviously within his reach) and had to have a crew member get it for him.

    It’s that caliber of chotch that makes the greater music business insufferable.

    • Carlos 10

      Knepp, you can found a little thing to be angry about, so you lose the great music and the joy of these older guys reviving their childhood. My own, too. Great, Will and all. 10X!

  3. Geoff Kovarik

    Oh man! Can we see more of this? Is a DVD available? Who’d have thought that Will Lee and four Italian-surnamed bandits could recreate this music with such accuracy and spirit?

  4. Oh yeah (yeah, yeah)! Thanks for posting.

  5. Oh those crafty Italians…

  6. Very good! Good Luck!

  7. I LOVE the instrumentals…but something about the vocal harmonies (which are lovely) reminded me more of the Beach Boys? It’s still a great set…

  8. Wow amazing tribute to the amazing music of the Beatles.

  9. realy good, long live Beatles music.

  10. Tommy Howell

    Knepp – The keyboard player is singing into his mic and playing keys with his right hand at that point in the song, therefore he was unable to reach over for the tambourine at that time. The crew member was just trying to be helpful. No need to be bitter.