Les Claypool Forms Supergroup with Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland and Danny Carey

Les Claypool has joined forces with Rush’s Neil Peart, the Police’s Stewart Copeland and Tool’s Danny Carey to form “Carey Claypool Copeland Peart” or “CCCP.”

The supergroup is documented with a jam called “Count Drumula,” recently posted on Neil Peart’s website.

The extent of the collaboration is unclear, as no other announcements about the group has been made. With three drummers on board, the track is heavily percussion-based, with Claypool holding down a solid groove.

Our honorable mention goes to Carey, who adds some low end with a trombone and bass clarinet.

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  1. Mokshaman

    Is this for real? This is sooo funny! I’m imagining it went something like this.

    Les: Hey Neil, come over to my studio I baked some brownies.

    Neil: Sure. I’ll unpack some drums from the tour bus.

    Les: Hold on I have Stewart on the other line. Didn’t know if you’d say yes.

    Neil: Oh good. We can use his set. It’s a pain in the arse to take apart a 125 piece drum set.

    Stewart: Hey Les got them brownies ready?

    Les: Sure do. Added a little extra herb just for you. Hold on I’m getting another call. Oh its Danny from Tool.

    Neil & Stewart: Danny!

    Danny: Hey Les why’d you call me when you have these two GODS working with you.

    Les: Well someone’s gotta play the trombone right?

    Cue everyone laughing in unison.


  2. Andy

    is this an early april fools joke?

    it’s a good job I’m wearing brown pants today!

  3. yeah

    except they were all drunk. les not included, and les flew down for this jam

  4. Alex Rivers

    so many drums.

  5. nothin like Claypool’s genius lyrics xD.

  6. my boyfriend thinks everyone should watch this!

  7. yuga2

    Um… no. I work for Mr. Peart’s website and there has been no such announcement or post.

  8. OllieOllie

    This is just one of the many jams that Stewart Copeland holds at his jam room, ‘the sacred grove’ and he’s done quite a few little jams, a few with Les and Primus and more with Danny Carey, they’re all on youtube. Just search The Sacred Grove. There’s also a little walk round of his jam room too, where he explains all this!