How to Play Heavy Metal Bass!

How to Play Heavy Metal Bass!Alfred Music Publishing and Guitar World have teamed up to release How to Play Heavy Metal Bass!, an instructional DVD by Matt Scharfglass.

The DVD contains more than 70 minutes of lessons and includes tab files to follow along. Scharfglass covers tone, fretboard patterns and techniques, chords and progressions, playing fingerstyle vs. playing with a pick, constructing bass lines over various feels and tapping.

The disc also includes backing tracks.

Scharfglass is a versatile bassist, having performed with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Ashford and Simpson, Blue Saracens and Richard Hartley & Soul Resurrection. He’s produced over 600 transcriptions through his work with Guitar World magazine, as well as past instructional books.

How to Play Heavy Metal Bass! Table of Contents:

  1. Tone
  2. Fingerpicking
  3. Using a Pick
  4. Fret-Hand Technique
    • Fretting
    • Hammer-Ons
    • Pull-Offs
    • Trills
  5. Tunings
  6. Fretboard Patterns
    • Minor Third
    • Major Third
    • Fifth
    • Tritone
    • Octave
    • Summary of Two-Note Patterns
    • Minor Triad
    • Major Triad
    • Sus9 Triad
    • Minor Pentatonic Box Pattern
    • Blues Box Pattern
    • One-String Scales
  7. Feels
    • Straight Time
    • Half Time
    • Double Time
    • Shuffle
  8. Riffs
  9. Advanced Techniques
    • Bends
    • Tapping
    • Tapping Harmonics

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