Marcus Miller: “Bruce Lee” Live

Here’s Marcus Miller and band performing the tune “Bruce Lee” live in 2005 at the Jazz a Juan Festival in France.

Miller is backed by long time drummer Poogie Bell, as well as bassist Doug Epting, who performs on bass and samples.

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  1. Mark

    Wow, now that’s a unison and a great band

    And Marcus, Marcus, Marcus… WOW !!!

  2. Alfred Smith

    Marcus is too funky for his own good…whatever that means.

  3. harmonically boring. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. that bass guy

    I would be happy if he never slapped again – he’s so much more than that and I get really tired of it quick. If you could put that slap into a pedal everybody would be doing it and it would still be boring for me. I like lines, melodies, note choices. I’m sure I’m alone here, but the slap thing is flat out boring to me…and “E” slapped 50 times a second is still just an E.