Question of the Week: What is your bass superpower/claim to fame?

This might be our favorite question, taken from the Player Spotlight questionnaire (open to all bassists, by the way).

The question this week: What is your bass superpower/claim to fame?

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  1. Derik

    I can play scales really, really fast and cleanly.

  2. I was raised by Ninjas and slap mad funky bass lines! Check it out…

  3. Jon

    I can play a song from beginning to end using the fewest notes possible.

  4. Superpower: synesthesia

    Claim to Fame:

    Either playing bass on Alvin Dahn’s infamous recordings, or my cruise ship disaster gig story

  5. Alex

    Synesthesia, the ability to pick up a tune, and being able to play for a LONG time.

  6. 9.5 at the Epicenter

    I care not for fame.
    It can vanish in a flash.
    Want my thunder in your game?
    The gig must pay in cash!

  7. Mr. Eko

    I am the Keeper of the Chronolith(my amp). A mythical time stone so powerful that in the hands of any mere mortal would prove deadly. I have traveled time and space to harness its power into a destructive path of Earth rattling tone.

    Eden E300T-320 watts of all tube power into an Ampeg 8×10.