Ernie Ball/Music Man Unveils Limited Edition Gilded White Classic StingRay

Ernie Ball/Music Man has unveiled the second global release of a limited edition instrument from their Premier Dealer Network, The Gilded White Classic StingRay. The bass will be limited to 300 pieces with 200 4-string and the remaining 100 5-string versions. Since the effort is worldwide, only 50 4-strings and 25 5-strings are allotted to the U.S.

Ernie Ball/Music Man Limited Edition Gilded White Classic StingRay

The Premier Dealer Network Limited Edition StingRay Classic features a striking custom gilded white finish with a matching neck and headstock, all complimented with gold hardware. The single humbucker is coupled with switchable active and passive electronics. When the knob closest to the bridge is pushed down the bass is active, while pulling the knob up makes it passive and consequently makes that knob the Tone control. Active controls include a 2-band EQ.

The Limited Edition StingRay Classic will be shipping around November, available only from Ernie Ball/Music Man’s Premier Dealer Network. Street prices for the 4- and 5-string models are around $1,939 and $2,115, respectively.

Ernie Ball/Music Man Limited Edition Gilded White Classic StingRay Specs:

Custom Gilded White Finish
Active / Passive Electronics
Passive Tone Knob
Gold Hardware
2-Band EQ
Matching Finished Neck
Limited to only 50 4-String Basses and 25 5-String Basses for the USA
Includes Hardshell Case

For more information:
Ernie Ball/Music Man Premier Dealer Network

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  1. Dave

    Oh god, that is just beatiful bass…

  2. Ray Woolley

    Any lefties?

  3. That axe would just make my DAY !

  4. I just picked up a used stingray classic and I love it…but I love this white…its as iff you need to be wearing a golden suit while playing it…I like the eldorado gold also, very pretty…mine is a creamed white with redish pickguard.