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Tommy Stinson Releases One Man Mutiny

Tommy Stinson: One Man MutinyEx-Replacements and current Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson has released his second solo album, entitled One Man Mutiny. With hints of influence from Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, the ten-track record proves Stinson’s songwriting is just as solid as his playing.

The album is aptly named, as Stinson created his own Done to Death Music label to promote it.

“I figured the time was right,” Stinson told “The record industry is falling apart, so I thought I’d figure it out on my own and make a permanent place for my music.”

The whole industry has changed, but the bassist says that doesn’t bother him.

“I’m finding it a lot more interesting to make music these days,” he says. “Especially given the musical climate as of the last few years — there are a lot of people complaining about how bad it is. I am actually embracing the challenges.”

Stinson announced plans for touring behind the new record, based around previous commitments with Guns N’ Roses.

Preview and download One Man Mutiny:

One Man Mutiny Track List:

  1. Don’t Deserve You
  2. It’s a Drag
  3. Meant to Be
  4. All This Way for Nothing
  5. Come to Hide
  6. Seize the Moment
  7. Zero to Stupid
  8. Match Made in Hell
  9. Destroy Me
  10. One Man Mutiny

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