Roger Glover Releases “If Life Was Easy”

Roger Glover: If Life Was EasyDeep Purple’s Roger Glover has released his fifth solo album called If Life Was Easy. The bassist wrote or cowrote all of the 16 tracks, which was reportedly recorded in 2007 and features his daughter Gillian among others.

Glover, who is about to tour Europe with Deep Purple, says the eclectic mix of songs are reflections on his recent life.

“This hodgepodge collection of songs reveals or obscures a range of emotions over a turbulent decade; separation, divorce, injustice, uncertainty, new love, escape, fatherhood, grand-fatherhood, emigration, touring and losing my mother are some of the extreme highs and lows during this storm-tossed period,” he explains in the liner notes. “All were written wherever I was living — on a MacPro with ProTools and a few instruments and gadgets — extra musicians were added in the studio as needed.”

“By the way,” he adds, “I know that it should be ‘If Life Were Easy’ — it’s a subtle irony.”

Preview and download If Life Was Easy:

Roger Glover: If Life Was Easy Track List:

  1. Don’t Look Now (Everything Has Changed)
  2. Box Of Tricks
  3. Moonlight
  4. The Car Won’t Start
  5. The Dream I Had
  6. Stand Together
  7. If Life Was Easy
  8. Welcome To The Moon
  9. Set Your Imagination Free
  10. When Life Gets To The Bone
  11. When The Day Is Done
  12. Staring Into Space
  13. Get Away (Can’t Let You)
  14. The Ghost Of Your Smile
  15. Cruel World
  16. Feel Like A King

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