Steely Dan’s “Peg”: Instrumental with Chuck Rainey

This is cool beyond words: Chuck Rainey laying it down on this instrumental reunion remake of Steely Dan’s “Peg”, from Aja.

Bonus: Bernard Purdie on drums.

This is from the DVD, Steely Dan – Aja.

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  1. hoz

    Got to be the most lyrical funky bassline in the business. I noticed it years ago and my ears always perk up when I hear it.

  2. Norman T hacker

    Mr Rainey is just so great ,so much bounce ,and swing between him and Mr Purdie,such groove masters

  3. Alfred Smith

    Oddly enough, lacks punch without the vocals and horns. But Chuck is just so great. Aja is one I revisit often. Love the drummers on there too. Steve Gadd is a freak of nature.

  4. who’s the cat in the flannel shirt playing keys. he gets no mention in the DVD credits.

  5. There is a great documentary on the making of this song on YouTube. Fagan and Becker didn’t want a pop / slap type bass line… So Cheney turned his back while recording so they couldn’t that that was what he was doing – a very light but tight thumbing of the chorus! (or something to that effect)

  6. I had the pleasure of seeing Bernard Purdie a few weeks ago at a small venue just up the road from me in Marlboro, NY. He was playing with his band “The Hudson River Rats”. What a gentleman he is.

  7. Brian Mcghee

    l played in a Steely Dan tribute band and had the great pleasure of learning Chucks wonderful bass guitar parts.

  8. Tyrone Lyons Sr.

    Chuck Rainey.

  9. big influence growing up playing the bass…..Mr. Rainey you the man….hope u have a speedy recovery………..aloha.

    • Sóc un pesat insistint amb les mateixes cançons, però és que n’hi ha algunes que invariablement em posen de MOLT BON HUMOR.

  10. I would like to comment of Mr.Chack in American langage, but like it , what hot waving and moving , like so.
    It seems to enjoy slap of arangement. so …..

  11. It can’t get any better…

  12. Some of the best musicians ever…

  13. Wonderful groove- great players- excellent song-

  14. I like it it’s refreshing yet bluze!

  15. Cut my chops on this stuff as a teen. Would listen and play along for hours. Thanks Steely Dan and Chuck Rainey!

  16. Pick up “The making of Aja” DVD in the “Classic Albums” series. Fascinating insight and great comments from the musicians involved.