Daniel Rey: Palenque

Facebook friend César Romo Castro sent us this video of bassist Daniel Rey performing his original composition, “Palenque”.

Daniel’s technique is truly remarkable – especially his right hand, which doesn’t look quite human.

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  1. Edward Surdez

    AMAZING!!!! How do you get the bass to play so easily that way? Intonation/ strings? Any other tricks?

    • Charles

      There are no tricks, my friend – there is a lot of dedication, perseverance, musical knowledge, power of invention and creativity..and practice, practice, practice…and of course it is a prerequisite to have a good instrument. Kind regards.

  2. Evan

    One very highly skilled luthier and a high end bass and a top-notch set-up.

  3. Zac

    this is quite amazing. I shall be learning to tap soon haha

  4. Daniel Rey

    THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I’m SO GLAD that you like my work! I did it with ALL MY LOVE and A LOT OF FREE TIME jajaja. I no have a great secret! It’s only a Yamaha TRB 1006 whit standar afination and strings action. ALL IS IN MY HANDS jejeje. A LOT OF PRACTICE. Greetings and a big hug to all. Blesses…

    Daniel Rey!

    • Ampy

      how in the world could you tap with you pinky.. lol.. good job bro…

      • Ampy

        btw, your bass sounds awesome.. im thinking of trading my ibanez btb for a yamaha 5 string EADGC.. i’ve been raping the replay button.. im still having a hard time understanding how you do that.. ^_^

  5. Armando

    Mother of God!!!… Verga culo felicitaciones, tremenda pieza.

  6. Daniel Rey

    Gracias vieja! En esa andamos pues! Ya pronto estare montandomas a ver que talco jeje. Saludos al gremio!

  7. Jyoti Rajput

    Oh gosh. That’s breathtaking.

  8. Oh gosh. That’s breathtaking.

  9. STANLEY JORDON…….Very amazing on bass!

  10. Incredible…from out of this world!

  11. Wow! Some amazing right hand work! At times, it almost looks like some kind of crustacean crawling across the fretboard.

  12. This is FANTASTIC. I sometimes got the impression this was inspired by the composition “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams, but improved upon for bass. Daniel has phenomenal technique and timing. I’m not sure how old Daniel is but he has a BRILLIANT career ahead of him if he continues to pursue music, which I pray he does and truly look forward to hearing more from him in the future..

  13. Puro Jazz xD saludos men