No Treble Originals: How to Fix a Guitar

No Treble’s all-new original video tutorial for fixing a guitar. Be sure to share this excellent advice with your guitar player friends. Just 3 easy steps!

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  1. Scott Macleod

    Finally a useful repair technique….lol. Best line…”remove treble” awesome.

  2. Chris Chesters

    That is so funny! It reminded me of when I was 10 and new the bass was for me, my guitar had the same treatment…. All better now!
    More like this please No Treble! LMAO

  3. Sent it to all my guitar loving friends……. Hope they follow the instructions and then join No Treble!

  4. “… remove treble.” :D

  5. That’s the way IT IS!

    kooll Big John Doyle.

  6. “Remove Treble” lol nice one!

  7. Guitar players need to watch this!

  8. :-) excellent advice! XD