Victor Wooten and Carter Beauford: Resolution

Here’s a great look at Victor Wooten and Dave Matthews Band drummer Carter Beauford in studio and performing a great tune from Yin-Yang.

“This is another song that Carter had to walk in and learn on the spot,” Victor said. “He switches between 6/8, 3/4, and who knows what during this song. As usual he did an amazing job.”

Victor uses a 6-string for the bass line here, and you can hear the tracks of his Fodera Tenor bass for the solo and intro parts, and his Ken Lawrence Nylon string piccolo bass for the chords and solo after the bridge (right side).

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  1. Alexander Freeman

    great! love it

  2. honestly I would expect something more exciting from these 2 names… but I guess it is what it needs to be, no too much, not too little..

  3. Simple and beautiful.

  4. I’m a fan of Dave Matthews Band but I never knew that Carter was so well trained with his rudiments.

  5. Awesome.
    And I wish I had the money to buy like 4 $5000 Fodera basses like Victor -_____-

  6. Freeow. It’s weird watching what Carter Beauford is doing – it looks like it should be so off rhythm, but what comes out is perfect and carries the song so well.

  7. There aren’t many people that could team up with Vic AND draw the attention away from him – Carter B is on that short list. He’s one of my favorite drummers! This is a pretty weird video though – did they re-lay the finished audio track on this video? It’s not like they could have tracked the lead parts first, then added the bass later. And when the bass line is really moving (starting before 4:00), they don’t show Victor at all. Perhaps the video was shot when the foundation tracks were being laid down, and Vic played something else at 4:00?