Richard Bona: Liberty City / Black Market – Live

Here’s an incredible fan-shot performance by Richard Bona, paying tribute to Jaco Pastorius and Joe Zawinul in this medley of tunes by the legends. It starts with Jaco’s “Liberty City” and moves on to the Weather Report, Zawinul-penned “Black Market” with a little “Birdland” used to bridge the two tunes. Bona’s solo in the middle is pretty incredible as well, where the bassist uses his Roland V-Bass.

Bona, of course, is no stranger to Zawinul’s music, having performed with the Zawinul Syndicate.

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  1. Ubojica Mekog Srca


  2. This is amazing Bass lingo!

  3. Nu-jazz is the continuation, Of a tradition.Let’s get it back in our schools.Our future are our children.Bring this great musician to The Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn’s own Parkslope, or The Jazz Gallery.For an affordable price you get to see, here & teach students of music young & old. I mean com’n, a lot of people can’t afford a night at the Blue note.Yet the same fathers of jazz are featured but their band members are students, tomorrow’s leaders.

  4. laying it down……