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Concerts & Tours

Richard Bona to Perform with Nu Deco Ensemble

The Nu Deco Ensemble will be continuing their live stream concert series from the North Beach Bandshell in Miami Beach on April 10th. The modern-day orchestra will be having a special guest for the occasion: Richard Bona.

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Richard Bona: Uprising of Kindness

Here’s a fantastic clip of Richard Bona performing “Uprising of Kindness” at the RTL Jazz Festival. Backed by a string quartet and band, Bona adds his amazing vocal and bass skills to this beautiful composition.

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Richard Bona: Three Views of Secret (Live at the RTL Jazz Festival)

In 2013, Richard Bona performed at the RTL Jazz Festival. Here’s an amazing clip of him taking on the Jaco Pastorius tune, “Three Views of a Secret.” It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Marcus Miller, Richard Bona and Hadrien Feraud: NAMM 2019 Jam

The Markbass booth was a hot spot for great bass performances at the 2019 NAMM Show. In this clip, Marcus Miller, Richard Bona and Hadrien Feraud take the stage to jam and trade solos.

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Áron Hodek and Richard Bona: 2019 NAMM Jam

We caught 8-year-old bass prodigy Áron Hodek at the NAMM show this year and we were blown away. During a performance at the Markbass booth, Richard Bona invited Áron on stage for a jam.

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Kazumi Watanabe Trio, with Richard Bona: Havana

Here’s a fantastic clip from the 2003 Tokyo Jazz show with Kazumi Watanabe, Richard Bona, and Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez. During one of Bona’s solos, Watanabe’s guitar strap gave out and his guitar came crashing down. Even that was remarkably in time.

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Mike Stern Band with Richard Bona: Live at Jazz in Marciac 2018

This year’s Jazz in Marciac lineup looked to be stellar, and here’s one example. The Mike Stern band took the stage with Richard Bona on bass, Manu Katche on drums, and Niels Lan Doky on keys. Here’s one of the clips from their performance. As always, Bona is so on the money!

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Jonah Nilsson with Richard Bona: Coffee Break

You’ll probably recognize Jonah Nilsson thanks to his work with Dirty Loops. Jonah released a new solo single a few days ago for his tune “Coffee Break,” and he had an exciting guest on the track: Richard Bona. “It’s my biggest pleasure to have such a great musician/artist and long time inspiration on this song!” Jonah shared. The track is...

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Richard Bona and Metropole Orkest: Engigilaye

We’ve featured Richard Bona and Metropole Orkest before, with their take on the Jaco Pastorius tune, “Three Views of a Secret.” Here’s another terrific performance from that concert, with a performance of the tune, “Engigilaye.”

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Richard Bona and Metropole Orkest: Three Views of a Secret

In 2013, Richard Bona joined the Metropole Orkest for a performance at Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam. Among the tunes they played was Jaco Pastorius’s “Three Views of a Secret.” This has always been one of my all-time favorite tunes, and it was a treat to check out this rendition.


Beneath The Bassline Documentary Coming Soon

Bassists will be getting their due in a new documentary called Beneath The Bassline. Directed by Nick Wells, the film features loads of interview time with some of the greatest bass players in the world. Wells traveled to Fodera Guitars, Sadowsky Guitars, and Aguilar Amplification in New York to get the scoop on gear and meet up with bassists Will...

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Richard Bona: Please Don’t Stop

Richard Bona is a captivating musician on his own. Add the Metropole Orkest and you’ve got some glorious music for your ears. Here’s Bona and the orchestra performing last year honoring Quincy Jones for the BBC Proms. Bona fronts the massive group with his bass and a microphone, whipping the group into a frenzy. Be sure to check out his...