John Entwistle: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” Isolated Bass

This clip comes from the 1979 film, The Kids Are Alright, featuring the isolated bass work of John Entwistle on the Who’s classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

Give it a little time before the Ox dives in, around the 50 second mark.

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  1. Adrián Gómez Cuatrocuerdas


  2. Omar El Kammar


  3. Geörge William Temes

    Ox: defining rock and roll bass playing. Here’s why…

  4. Stuart Brandt

    The Ox was the best at what he did.

  5. Michel Mourachko

    assassing riffs !!

  6. Aaron Collegeman

    What a hippie.

  7. Clifton Ray Jackson

    The Ox! What more need be said!

  8. I saw him live at New York’s Academy of Music years ago. It was probably the loudest gig I ever heard! Great stuff all around. The Ox will be missed.

  9. am I the only one who thought it was a little sloppy, it had its parts for sure but not by any means tight.

    • if you thinks its sloppy, two things.. first, its live. second, if you play the video of the whole band ( find it on you tube) and play both videos at the same time( creatively pausing one so they get in sync…. I DID ) its an awesome performance. The Ox is out of the Box !!!

  10. he must be the british james jamerson!

  11. LOVE LIVE ROCK! THE OX defined the bass as a lead instrument!

  12. Yep, and many feel that James Jamerson was THE sound of Motown…
    l + l ;J.

  13. I would never have realized that the Ox did sting popping without hearing this isolated part (around 4:00). Interesting.

  14. Arthur Ozelame

    mother of god

  15. Wendell Simpson

    Good bassist