John Entwistle’s “Rarities Oxhumed, Volume One” Out Now

John Entwistle: Rarities Oxhumed, Volume OneJohn Entwistle’s deep cuts have been unearthed with the new album, Rarities Oxhumed: Volume One, which features demos, outtakes, and live cuts from his career. It was put together in part by his longtime collaborator and drummer Steve Luongo, who performed in The John Entwistle Band up until The Ox’s untimely death in 2002.

“John and I began touring together in 1987. Every tour was more fun than the last,” Luongo states. “That was the idea. Play loud aggressive rock & roll, have fun, laugh our asses off, travel to the next gig, and repeat. During the 15 years that we worked together as a rhythm section, we remained true to that cause. Along the way, we recorded some records and created a sizable catalog of ideas and material for the future. The future is now.”

Songs on the collection include a live take of “Bogey Man” featuring Entwistle’s The Who bandmate Keith Moon, a demo for The Who called “Where You Going Now,” and a live version of “Trick of the Light” from the Entwistle Band’s final tour in 2001.

Get a taste of the music with “I’ll Try Again Today”:

Rarities Oxhumed: Volume One is out now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3). Special bundle kits with collectibles and trinkets are available through Merch Bucket.

Rarities Oxhumed – Volume One Track List:

  1. Bogey Man
  2. Darker Side Of Night
  3. I’ll Try Again Today
  4. When You See the Light
  5. Back on the Road
  6. Left for Dead (Alternate Version)
  7. I Wouldn’t Sleep With You
  8. Don’t Be a Sucker
  9. Life Goes on (Demo)
  10. Where Ya Going Now (Demo)
  11. Trick of the Light (Live)
  12. Under a Raging Moon (Live)
  13. Shakin’ All Over (Live)

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