Bass of the Week: Waja-Bass Design Telio G.V. 5-String Fretless

Waja-Bass Design Telio G.V. 5-String Fretless

This week we take a look at the Telio G.V. 5-string Fretless from Waja-bass Design. The bass is built by hand in Kempen, Germany and features a striking ergonomic body shape made of swamp-ash and dibetou. Besides sculpting for easier access, the design aims for balance between the body and neck, effectively shifting the the instrument’s focus to the middle of the player’s body and relieving stress. It weighs in 3.9kg, which translates to roughly 8.5 pounds.

The bass’s three-piece neck is made of maple and bubinga, topped with an ebony fretboard with partial fret lines for guidance. Pickups on the Telio G.V. are a pair of BassCulture single coils with a 4 way switcher control, while the electronics include an active Noll TCM 3-band EQ. For hardware, Waja uses Kluson tuners and a string-through-body ETS MK III bridge.

The Waja Telio G.V. 5-string Fretless bass is available for €3,495 (~$4,755 USD). For more, visit the Waja-Bass site.

Waja-Bass Design Telio G.V. 5-String Fretless Bass Gallery:

Waja-Bass Design Telio G.V. 5-String Fretless Specs:

Body:Swamp-ash/ Dibetou
Scale:864 mm (34″)
Neck:Hard Maple/ Bubinga
Pickups:Two BassCulture Single coils; 4 way switcher control
Electronics:Active, Noll TCM 3-band
Bridge:ETS, MK III Bridge
Weight:3,9 kg (~8.5 lbs.)
Finish:Semi-gloss, Black, Red

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  1. Fubar Bundy

    Bass-gasm! I’d never use it but its loooovely….*drool* Plus, for the kind of hover-board money they’re asking for it, I’d have to be gigging professionally night and day in order to justify it.

  2. Scott Thomas

    Damn that’s pretty… and pretty pricey. Would love to hear it.

  3. Clint Williams


  4. William Boesen

    I want to play that so bad right now.

  5. Roger Rodriguez Jr


  6. Tom Makunda


  7. I want to have that right now.