Esperanza Spalding and Gretchen Parlato: Useless Landscape (Inutil Paisagem)

Today is Esperanza Spalding‘s birthday. What better way to help celebrate than with another awesome video by the bassist?

Here, Esperanza performs a beautiful duet with Gretchen Parlato on the Antonio Carlos Jobim tune, “Useless Landscape (Inutil Paisagem)”

Happy birthday, Esperanza!

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  1. Ken Johnston

    Love her bass tone/sound.

  2. Brian Wadlington

    Blessings on your day of birth Esperanza. Continue riding the cosmic winds that graciously brought you to all of us……StrangecatRarebird.

  3. Vonay Sanchez


  4. Linda L. Ross

    Sooooooo cool!

  5. Clifton Ray Jackson

    Happy Birthday to You, Esperanza Spalding! Enjoy this Day! Dig into the Strings! I LOVE You!

  6. Grant Austin

    Happy Birthday Esperanza!

  7. Michel Lucas Corrêa

    Hi, I am a fã of notreble. Great your site. By the way there a wrong on this post. The correct translate of Useless Landscape is Paisagem inútil. The adjective is the last. Hugs from Brazil. Happy Birthday Esperanza, here your name sound like hope in portuguese. :)

    • Jake

      The author has it right. The original bossa nova tune by Antonio Carlos Jobim is titled “Inútil Paisagem.” That’s grammatically incorrect in Portuguese, but it’s the correct name of the song.

  8. good work espe you sound real good and look good too!