Question of the Week: What’s the most recent, most killer album in your collection?

Our question of the week: What’s the most recent, most killer album in your collection?

Give us the details. Answer below in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Zoki Bass

    Hands – Brian Bromberg.

  2. Barry Irwin

    Bruce Gertz Quintet “Reptilian Fantasies”Everyone on that album sounds incredible.The fact that these guys have been playing together of and on for the last 30+ years makes a huge difference as well.Bruce is a gifted composer and player.The first time I heard this album (about 3 weeks ago) I was stuck in the most horrendous traffic for close to an hour. It didn’t bother me in the least as I was having such a good time listening to these great musicians play.

  3. Rob Doane

    Tedeschi Trucks Band. Revelator. Oteil. Nuff said. :-)

  4. Matt Groovemaster Girolami

    Jack’s Mannequin’s People And Things is an amazing example of beautifully supportive bass with a few tasty “step outs”.

    Blink 182’s Neighbourhoods is an amazing album, in a new direction for Blink 182 and extremely well executed, with a few select upfront moments for Mark Hoppus.

  5. Jay Clawson

    tie: street dogs: fading american dream. it’s from ’06 but it’s new to me. beastie boys: hot sauce committee, part 2.

  6. Hans van Dongen

    Tony Allen – ‘Home cooking’
    Together with Fela Kuti the grandfather of Afrobeat. Tony kept on experimenting within and around this genre and it sounds killing! The rhythm is contagious.

  7. ShonëandJimmy McGirr

    The Who “Live at London Coliseum 1969”.

  8. Alexus Shlomy Perplexus

    Serge Gainsbourg “Melody Nelson” — Killer bass playing by Herbie Flowers!

  9. Opeth – Heritage and Mastodon – The Hunter.

  10. Lee Ritenour’s “6 string theory” – awesome bass performances by Tal Wilkenfeld :-)

  11. Trombone Shorty – For True. Michael “Bass” Ballard holds it down and Trombone Shorty is ridiculous!

  12. Alphonse Mouzon- Mind Transplant It’s not Spectrum, but it’s close-

  13. For RECENT: Shinedown’s AND Avenged Sevenfold’s newest share time with the most “KILLER” CD’s I rotate through (at least for this week :) ) which are The Killers 1st and Tool – Schism. Last week it varied through Paul Simon’s Graceland, Victor Wooten – A Show of Hands, and Al Di Meola – Land of The Midnight Sun w/ Jaco Pastorius… My tastes are somewhat ecclectic :)

  14. gradually tornado by bill buford with alan horthsworth on guitar , jeff berlin on bass, bill buford on drums great album jeff went nuts on it and the alum after that I forgot!

  15. Bireli Lagrene’s “Electric Side” featuring Hadrian Feraud on bass and Ronald Bruner Jnr on drums. seriously savage album.

  16. Pat Metheny Unity Band. Loving it… Also Avishai Cohen, Duende.