Former Tool Bassist Paul D’Amour Debuts New Band, Preview Track

Paul D'AmourOriginal Tool bassist Paul D’Amour has unveiled a new track from his latest project, Feersum Ennjin. Though the band has been around in some form since 2005, their debut self-titled album is due out November 22nd. It will mark the first hard rock release for the bassist since he left Tool in 1995, as he pursued a career in TV and film scores.

“Feersum Ennjin really started as a series of studio experiments but gradually took on a life of its own,” D’Amour told Gun Shy Assassin. “All of the different musical experiences of my past took form as I found a melodic thread to tie them all together as one sound. I’m looking forward to taking the next step, to make Feersum Ennjin a living, breathing entity that exists beyond the studio.”

Check out the song “Fishing Grounds”:

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