Ethan “Ebassman” Farmer Releases “Wine & Strings”

Ethan Farmer: Wine & StringsEthan “Ebassman” Farmer, who has worked with artists like Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child and P Diddy, has released his own solo album, Wine & Strings. Though he has appeared on countless records and tours, the project is his first of his own work.

The tone of the album overall is a heavy funk with gospel and soul thrown in for good measure.

Farmer takes it down a notch on the tracks “Beautiful” and “Take Your Time,” employing thoughtful bass melodies with golden tone to set the mood.

Preview and dowload Wine & Strings:

Wine & Strings Track List:

  1. 12
  2. Showdown
  3. Watch
  4. Beautiful
  5. Introducing Aka (Ebassman)
  6. Take Your Time
  7. Yikes

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