Fuzzrocious Pedals Introduces K-A-E-D-E-N Drive

Fuzzrocious K-A-E-D-E-N Drive PedalFuzzrocious Pedals have introduced a new stompbox: the K-A-E-D-E-N Drive, a versatile pedal with three stages to the circuit. Described as “not just a booster” and “not just an overdrive,” the K-A-E-D-E-N has pre-gain, gain, and tone knobs to dial in the right amount of drive. The pedal is built with your choice of tone stack, either a mid-hump, mid-scoop, or flat EQ.

Fuzzrocious is a husband/wife team, and each of the new units come with one-of-kind paint jobs by their son. As with the rest of their pedals, the K-A-E-D-E-N is hand-built-to-order in the U.S. and features true bypass, “Boss”-style power, bright LEDs and a lifetime guarantee. It’s available now for $155. For more info, visit the Fuzzrocious Pedals site.

Fuzzrocious K-A-E-D-E-N Drive Pedal Demo:

Fuzzrocious K-A-E-D-E-N Drive Pedal Specs:

  • Three stages: Pre-gain, Gain, Tone
  • Choice of Tone Stacks: Mid-Hump, Mid-Scoop, or Flat EQ
  • True Bypass
  • “Boss”-Style Power (No Battery)
  • One-of-a-kind Hand-painting on a Powdercoated Enclosure
  • Handbuilt
  • Bright LED
  • A lifetime guarantee for repair to original buyer (small bench/shipping fee for all others)

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