Medeski, Martin & Wood Release “Fly In A Bottle” Documentary

Medeski, Martin & Wood: Fly In A BottleMedeski, Martin & Wood have just released their own documentary film on the band, Fly In A Bottle.

The film, directed by the band’s drummer/percussionist Billy Martin, who worked for a year of personal 16mm film and camcorder footage of MMW on the road and in the studio during the Radiolarians recording sessions. The documentary offers a lot of insight into the band’s behind-the-scenes routine, and the dynamics between Martin, bassist Chris Wood, and pianist/keyboardist John Medeski.

Fly in a Bottle includes the music video for “Amber Gris”, the esoteric Incant to Chantes Des Femmes directed by Grey Gersten, and an experiment with time-lapse film entitled CW. CW offers a look at each musician’s perspective on working together and was filmed on a tour bus.

This documentary was originally released as part of the Radiolarians box set in 2009. The band said they’re now making it available as a stand-alone item due to popular demand.

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