Fender Introduces New Gig Stand

The Fender Gig StandFender has introduced a new instrument stand designed to end the bulkiness of traditional instrument stands.

The compact stand was created to be as unobtrusive as possible by folding up in two steps and weighing just a little more than the average instrument cable.

The stand’s slim design fits most basses and guitars, while rubber contact points provide a strong grip that won’t affect your instrument’s finish.

The Fender Gig Stand has a list price of $29.99, with street price set at $19.99.


Fender Gig Stand Specs:

The Fender Gig Stand - closed

  • Slim fold-up design
  • Rubber instrument contact points
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most basses

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  1. Tyler Von Kramer

    basses take up allot of space as it is. But with something like this it might make things allot easier! I’m definitely looking into getting one of these.

  2. Ron Davidson

    I hate my stand. Send me one of these please!

  3. Perry Bolin

    Looks like a winner! I reckon I’ll have one of those before long.

  4. My Warwick and G&L would love it, but not sure about my Jaguar & Jazz. You’ll have to pay attention to those of us with offset-waist bodies, Fender.

  5. I’m going to have to check into that. Looks like it would fit in the gig bag nicely.

  6. the most innovative product fender have released in years is a guitar stand! Not to say I don’t want one of those lovely Deluxe Jaguar Basses from the other day.

  7. Wow! I like this! And the Price is just Right! Cool!

  8. Let’s see it with various axe’s on it!

    • Jamo do you play a musical instrument? I never knew that… I guess you were too good to play with us back in the day -LOL

    • @[1434203861:2048:Paul Jefferson] Trying learning the Bass!!! Really wish I had.

    • Did you have a younger brother or Cousin at Schenley? I seem to remember another “Tooson” that I believe did play the Bass. It is never too late to start music… If you would have played in the Band at Schenley you could have learned from all Pro Bassist @[600902387:2048:Dwayne Dolphin]… He was professional even then…

    • @[1434203861:2048:Paul Jefferson]No my brother didn’t play the bass. Wayne’s whole family was into the Arts every since we were kids>

  9. My back and shoulders will love it!

  10. Great product, I’ve been using one for the last 5-10 gigs. Always impresses other band members too. Sets up in 2 seconds. Also they are fine with my basses with offset bodies.