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Bruno Tauzin Releases Indian Bass: 72 Ragas Instructional eBook

Bruno Tauzin: Indian Bass: 72 Ragas Instructional eBookBruno Tauzin has released Indian Bass: 72 Ragas, an instructional ebook that delves into the Melakarta Ragas which are the Indian equivalent of scales and modes from traditional Western Harmony.

The 47-page book includes a total of 72 Ragas in the key of C, written in both musical notation and tab.

In addition to the Ragas, Indian Bass has an assortment of exercises to get them under your fingers and understand the syntax. The download includes MP3’s for play-along as well.

Indian Bass: 72 Ragas is available for download now for $14.00.


Indian Bass: 72 Ragas Samples:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Example 1
  3. Example 2

Ragas Covered:

  1. Indu Chakra
  2. Netra Chakra
  3. Agni Chakra
  4. Veda Chakra
  5. Bana Chakra
  6. Rutu Chakra
  7. Rishi Chakra
  8. Vasu Chakra
  9. Brahma Chakra
  10. Disi Chakra
  11. Rudra Chakra
  12. Aditya Chakra

Exercises Covered:

  1. Sarali Varisai
  2. Janta Varisai
  3. Dhatu Varisai
  4. Melsthayi Varisai