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BassTheWorld: 21 Bassists in 1 Video has followed up their “Got Bass Chops?” video with a second episode. This time, 21 bassists from around the world lay out the nastiest licks, funkiest grooves, and smoothest lines to show the scope of our beloved instrument.

The bassists in order of appearance are Hadrien Feraud, Jay-Tee Teterissa, Bruno Tauzin, Andy C. Saxton, Evan Marien, Adam Ben Ezra, Christine Lanusse, Eric Czar, Wojtek Pilichowski, Nicole Badila, Remco Hendrix, Viktor L?rincz, Fretless Frizz, Grzegorz Kosi?ski, Uli Lauterbach, Nenad Vasilic, HazE, Jayme Lewis, Junior Ribeiro Braguinha Lotad, Armin Metz, and Geoffrey “Shob” Neau.