Rule of Thump: Pocket Full ‘o’ Beans Bass Groove

Rule of Thump (aka Or Lubianiker) covers all the bases in this nifty solo bass piece he wrote and shared with us. Love the harmonics, love the slap, love the finger-style funk.

Or said, “The bass guitar is the most beautiful instrument conceived by man, a true ambassador of Groove, Harmony and Melody.”

Well said, Or! Keep the videos coming.

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  1. Ran Mussman

    Great stuff!

  2. That’s pretty funky. Groovy.

  3. …diz dude is on fire…

  4. Smokin….nicely done! What’s in his signal path from the Tobias? I couldn’t recognize the pedal board…

  5. You said a whole lot in 1:50 — keep on!

  6. Or is a fantastic player!