CruzTOOLS Introduces Groovetech Truss Rod Drivers for Vintage Style Truss Rod Nuts

CruzTOOLS has announced their new Groovetech Truss Rod Drivers, designed specifically for vintage-style truss rod nuts on basses and guitars. As the company explains, early Fender instruments and subsequent modern reproductions use a “cross screw” nut, which has two slots in a cross pattern.

CruzTOOLS Groovetech Truss Rod Drivers

Though the innovation was popular in years past, they often cause problems as they’re made of unhardened steel with narrow slots that standard screwdrivers don’t fit. Another issue is that since only half the nut is typically exposed, the neck should be removed to properly adjust the relief. Musicians often try to adjust it without removing the neck, and then damage the nut in the process.

With that in mind, CruzTOOLS made two screwdrivers- the Groovetech Standard Truss Rod Driver and the Groovetech Cheater Driver. Each have special tip profiles for firm fits into the cross screw nut slots, oversized handles, and long shafts for easy access to the nut. The tips are also built to “precision tolerances using heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy for high strength.”

The Standard driver has a 9mm wide tip for full contact in the entire nut slot for “damage-free” adjustment, while the “Cheater” driver features a 4mm wide tip to fit the slot without removing the neck. The manufacturer explains that the Cheater will only work with a nut in good condition and by following their recommendations.

The CruzTOOLS Groovetech Truss Rod Drivers are available now for $14.95. For more info, visit the CruzTOOLS website.

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