Kyser Introduces Instrument Cleaning Wipes

Kyser Cleaning WipesSome people keep their basses dirty, standing by James Jamerson’s sentiment that the “gunk keeps the funk.” If you’re not one of those people, Kyser has introduced a new line of instrument care products to clean up your axe.

The lineup includes three types of disposable wipes – String Cleaning, Polish, and Lem-Oil – to freshen up your bass. Each canister stands 4.75” tall and 2” oval-wide, which Kyser says makes them easy to stick in a gig bag, and contains 35 4×6” wipes. Polish is designed for bodies where Lem-Oil is aimed at fretboards and wooden bridges.

Kyser’s String Cleaning, Polish, and Lem-Oil wipes are available now for $9.95 each.

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  1. Mark S B.

    Just in time for spring cleaning , I can’t stand a smudged out bass , I keep my bass clean.