Question of the Week: What is your style? Rock? Metal? Funk? Jazz? …

Our question of the week: What is your style? Rock? Metal? Funk? Jazz? …

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  1. Jeff Margavage

    My style of playing? Kind of a fusion meets Metal Drive slap funk… My band mates refer to it as “Jefficating”… not sure how to take that, but they like it.

  2. Spencer Venne

    My style is whatever it needs to be to get the job done.

  3. Ivan Pavlov

    p-fonk the bomb!

  4. John Ingram

    100% metal man! I like to think I’m a mix between Lemmy and Steve Harris.

  5. beaucoup de styles, but no slap…
    (hello from France)

  6. Blues, and modern worship / contemporary Christian.

  7. Kind of a mix between punk, rock and blues :P I try to throw in some funk too though.

  8. Depends what the song calls for, usually rock but inthe new project It’s whatever.Woke up & wrote a Doo-wop bass line for a song. coooooooolness.

  9. my style for 40 yrs been universal then and now I have no problem changing my style that what makes a true musician grow!

  10. What ever is needed, but if I were to choose, def funk and jazz.

  11. Most of my career has been spent playing the Blues, but I’ve also done Rock, Metal, R&B, Country and more. So, I’d have to say that my style is to serve the music, regardless of style.

  12. Fusion baby, mixing them all!

  13. Jazz standards, fast bebop, and Jazz blues, I’ve also played the sax professionally for 40 years.

  14. I grew up with classic rock and metal up to now but as long as it’s not pop, country, or rap I’m content.

  15. All of the above, but mainly blues, rock and metal.