Black Sabbath Reunites, Promises Album and World Tour in 2012

Black Sabbath (original members)After many months of rumors, the original members of Black Sabbath have finally fessed up that they’ve reunited for a new album and world tour starting in 2012.

The band made the announcement on today (11-11-11) with a press conference and YouTube video:

Though bassist Geezer Butler dismissed rumors earlier this year, it appears he’s on board with the group to release their first new album in 33 years.

The project will be under the direction of superstar producer Rick Rubin, whose credits also include Metallica, Slayer, Jay-Z and more. The only confirmed performance so far is that the heavy metal icons will be headlining the Download Festival on June 10th, 2012.

The band includes Butler, vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward. The original Black Sabbath first formed in 1969 and has sold over 70 million albums since. Their last album together, Never Say Die, was released in 1978.

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  1. LaneOnBass

    AWESOME NEWS! I am *so going!

  2. I’m beside myself, man.

  3. This article is crap! Sabbath put out a DVD with RJ Dio in 2007 entitled “Heaven and Hell” and also CD “Dehumanizer” in 1997. Hardly 33 years. Also doesn’t mention the vocalist as RJD died about a year ago. What a bull shit article…

  4. Joe E. Watson’s exactly right: This article *IS* crap. No mention of Dio. He died only a year and a half ago. COME ON! Also no mention of Ozzy’s lawsuit against Tony Iommi only a year before Dio died. Osbourne sued Iommi for a 50 percent interest in the Black Sabbath trademark, along with a portion of Iommi’s profits from use of the name. In June, 2010, a month after Dio died, Ozzy & Tony settled the lawsuit; terms weren’t disclosed. Now they’re reuniting for a new album and a world tour? Talk about awkward…

    All this legal stuff is really interesting (makes me wonder if Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Vinny Appice, or the other gazillion people who’ve played with Sabbath over the years ever get/got a piece of the financial Sabbath pie, and if Ozzy ever profited from the Black Sabbath name when the band toured without him). I know it would never be discussed in a short press release talking about how the original Sabbath lineup’s reforming blah blah blah, but for the love o’ Christ, mention Dio.

  5. what’s the shape urs.